Cancellation or change of products will be accepted only within 48 hours of placing confirmed order
No, there are no cancellation charges.

Yes, you may cancel a single item from a list of items in your order

Refund amount will be credited to your account in 7 working days. In case of usage of credit card, it would be reversed to the card in 10 working days.
We do not hold any responsibility for a failed transaction, however on your request we will check from our end for additional details.
A customer has options to cancel either by Emailing us or simply visit the website, type your order confirmation number and click on “Cancel my” order option.
Yes, on cancellation of your order the coupon/gift card would become invalid the amount debited from your account only would be refunded. In case of any discrepancy on working of coupon you may contact us for revalidation.

Please note that offers and discounts offered as a part of promotions are valid for the campaign period only.